Stepping Up is a movement to educate and support white men as they take greater ownership OF their role in creating more equitable workplaces. We host unique workshops, retreats, and offer tailored coaching for individuals and corporate and nonprofit clients.

If the “white men” part makes you curious or uncomfortable, we invite you to read the “Why white men?” section of our FAQs, check out our bios, or send us a message, we’re happy to chat!

We can no longer ignore racial inequity.

From the NFL Protests to Charlottesville, it can be hard to know “who to be” in all the noise. As white men we often stand on the sidelines, but our participation is critical. The world is changing. We need to change with it. 

We've depended too much on people of color to educate us about racism. We don't often think about what it means to be white, but it's a critical part of the puzzle. Many of us may be eager to act, but first we have to look in the mirror and understand our own bias.

Become a better colleague, partner, friend, or family member to women and people of color.

Beyond your personal growth, the skills and insights you gain can support your growth as an agent of change in interpersonal, institutional, and systemic racism.

This workshop is designed for all white men who are ready to do the hard work of seeing themselves more clearly.

Stepping Up workshops don’t end when the day is over.

This work keeps going. Additional workshops are in the pipeline, we’ll continue to recommend ally groups and reading, and the Stepping Up team is available on an ongoing basis.


Our Approach


We believe that for white men to be successful allies to women and people of color, they must first deeply understand their own identity and cultural history, as well as their personal responses to race- and gender-based stress. Only then can they learn and internalize the history, civics, data, and theory around racism and sexism in a meaningful way. Once they begin to undertake the personal and intellectual work in an ongoing way, they are ready to learn the skills to become tactical allies--making change at home, work and society more broadly.



What Happens in Stepping Up Workshops?

Our workshops vary widely to meet the unique needs of our clients. Here are a few of our tools and tactics:


                                    We Dive Deep Into Questions About

  • “Whiteness” and “Maleness”-- What is white male culture? How do you see it? How do others see it?

  • Meritocracy -- What is the default view of meritocracy? What is right or wrong with that view?

  • Race- and Gender-Based Stress -- How do we identify this stress? How do we manage it safely and productively?

  • Levels of Oppression (Internal, Interpersonal, Institutional, and Systemic) -- How do these function in our lives?

  • Critical Race and Gender Theory -- What does it mean that race and gender are social constructions?


We create a relaxed atmosphere

  • Live Polling -- We use technology to create yet another level of anonymity so participants can comfortably ask difficult questions.

  • Reflection -- Once we’ve built substantial trust in the room, participants journal to uncover their own “racial autobiographies.”


We Teach Important Tactics

  • Somatic Training -- Through meditation and breathing exercises we build skills in managing race- and gender-based stress. This is essential to more successful interactions.

  • Calling In and Calling Out -- This is usually a final step and is perhaps the most important. How do we confidently and effectively interrupt racist and sexist action when we observe it? We train these skills so that participants can begin making real-world change.



Paul Mann


Paul has spent the last ten years in the corporate and nonprofit worlds as a recruiter, a mentor to underserved youth, a community engagement leader, a diversity trainer, and a talent manager supporting school leaders in high-performing charter schools. He earned his BA in Political Science from Northeastern University and his MA in the Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies (POLS) program at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. Paul aims to partner with white men as they fulfill their essential role in the movement toward a more just and equal society. He is dedicated to building warm, judgement-free spaces for white men to explore their biases and to grow. 


Noah Prince

senior consultant

Noah personally witnessed the breadth of systemic inequity and the impact of equitable leadership in nearly a decade working in Philadelphia Public Schools. Noah has worked as the Assistant Director of Race and Equity for Seattle Public Schools. He is a seasoned diversity and leadership consultant and facilitator for corporations, organizations, and non-profits working primarily through White Men as Full Diversity Partners. He holds a BA in Black Feminist Thought from Evergreen State College, Tacoma; and an M.Ed. from Temple University. Noah embraces cognitive dissonance in helping people to understand their perspective and the perspective of others. He likes to meet clients where they are and to help them grow with integrity and intelligence.